Foods to eat during the winter to prevent sickness

Foods to eat during the winter to prevent sickness

When the temperature and the weather change, it is often the prime time to start feeling the start of a cough or a cold.

As the summer days draw in and you start swapping flip flops for thick socks, it might be time to start thinking about what foods you can be eating to boost your immune system.

Viruses that carry colds and flu are transmitted more easily through colder, drier air and therefore it is a good idea during this transition period to read up on some foods you can eat to prevent sickness.


So what things do we need to be thinking about when it comes to foods to prevent illness?


Vitamin C is often seen as the first defence when it comes to preventing flu and colds. Whilst studies haven’t categorically ruled that vitamin C can 100% prevent you from developing cold or the flu, there is evidence that taking vitamin C supplements can reduce cold or flu severity and the duration of the illness. So why is this? Well, vitamin C is an antioxidant and is present in immune cells. When infection strikes, the vitamin C store can be radically reduced, leaving you with weakened immune system. That is why even if you already have the beginnings of a cold, a vitamin C supplement is a good idea. Taking vitamin C in foods or as a supplement when you already have a cold or flu may also speed up your recovery time.


Vitamin D, which you can read about in full here, is often attributed to strengthening immunity and a lack of it can weaken your defences. In the UK, the National Health Service advises that everyone should take a vitamin D supplement during the autumn and winter months, as it is one of the few vitamins you cannot consume wholly through your diet. It is thought that with low vitamin D, the body may be more susceptible to infection.


It has long been cited that the gut is the second brain of the body, and therefore it is essential to keep the gut happy and healthy. One of the best ways to do this is to keep on top of regulating your gut bacteria, and making sure there is enough of the good stuff in there. Good gut bacteria comes in the form of probiotics, which can be found in lots of fermented and cultured foods including kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut and pickled vegetables. If these don’t tickle your fancy, you can try a probiotic supplement. It is also important to eat plenty of fibre and drink plenty of water.


Garlic has previously been coined an ‘immune boosting superstar’ and in many countries garlic cloves are a first stop defence to preventing a cold. Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and together they are a triple threat in preventing sickness. Onion also contain some key nutrients, which have immune boosting characteristics, including selenium, zinc, sulfur and vitamin C. Whilst there isn’t definitive research that says these will definitely prevent you from getting a cold – they are well worth incorporating into your diet.


Perhaps this goes without saying, but eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables, whilst getting the right amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates is also a very important way to strengthen your immune system. Make sure you consume fruits and vegetables of all different colours, as they all contain different and important nutrients.


The secret elixir of life – sleep! Without it, the human body simply cannot function as it’s supposed to. Therefore if you are looking to bolster your immune system, it’s essential you get sufficient sleep to keep your body on top form.


Exercise supports and increases the production of white blood cells – which are essential for supporting your immune system. Not to mention getting out in the daylight helps with a dose of vitamin D – so get on those trainers and get out for a walk or run.


Colds and flu spread via bacteria that lingers – so washing your hands regularly is another top tip for protecting your immune system.


So what are some foods you can eat to prevent colds and flu? And what foods should you be eating in the winter? Aside from the onion and garlic and fermented foods above, here is a list of foods that could help to prevent sickness:


Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, pomegranates are a great immune boosting food. Try the seeds on top of porridge, with fruit or granola.


Ginger is antibacterial and a very well known natural cure for nausea. It has been known to be helpful in decreasing inflammation, such as a sore throat. You can take ginger in a hot tea, in lots of different recipes and also as a pure ginger sweet (used commonly for sea sickness).


Broccoli contains vitamin A, C and E, as well as many other antioxidants. The trick is to not to boil it to death so it loses it’s nutrient power – keeping it crunchy will maintain more of the good stuff.


Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C, so are often one of the first things people turn to when they have developed a cold (and why hot water and lemon is so popular with a cold!) You can find vitamin C in oranges, lemons, limes, clementine’s and grapefruits.


The red bell pepper contains twice the amount of vitamin C as citrus fruits – so also worth incorporating into your diet! They are also a rich source of beta carotene (hence the red colour).


Rich in vitamin C, as well as beta carotene, spinach is best for the immune system when raw or cooked very little. Similar to broccoli in this sense.


Almonds are high in vitamin E and iron and protein, all needed to keep your body fit and healthy. Can be enjoyed as a simple and easy snack.


Turmeric, or curcumin, has been known for its anti-inflammatory properties in Indian cooking for years and now it is fast becoming a ‘superfood’ in the west too. Turmeric is attributed to bolstering the immune system with its antioxidant profile – and is further activated if consumed with black pepper. Enjoy as a hot tea, with hot water, with hot milk or add to curries and rice dishes.


Yogurt is best known as a dietary source of probiotics (which are essential for good gut health as mentioned above), but is also high in protein and calcium.

To conclude, there are many foods you can eat to help prevent sickness and support your immune system. Maintaining a colourful and balanced diet, alongside a good fix of vitamin C is a good way to do everything you can to keep your defence mechanisms sharp and healthy. Getting enough sleep, keeping good hygiene and staying active are also essential to your overall winter wellbeing

When you find it difficult to eat so many fruits and vegetables or you dislike any kind of vegetables, you got to use supplements.

These supplements contain 17 sorts of fruits and veggies, so you will get all the fruits and vegetables your body needs. To get a better immune system.

Juice Plus+ Fruit and Vegetable Blends provide added whole food based nutrition from 20 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient capsule form.

Each ingredient is specially selected to provide you with a wide range of nutritional benefits.

Juice Plus+ is made from fresh, high-quality, healthful fruits and vegetables and is carefully tested to ensure that no pesticides or other contaminants affect the natural purity of the product.

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Our capsules and chewables are the next best thing to fruits and   vegetables, giving you an easy way to bridge the gap between what you actually eat every day and what you should be eating.

Both our capsules and chewables come in a variety of blends, giving you options when it comes to adding what’s missing in your diet.


Benefits of Juice Plus+

Clinical Research & Product Benefits

Do your children get sick all the time? Do you frequently feel tired and run-down? Is it nearly impossible to get your children to eat fruits and vegetables? Are you lacking the recommended 7-13 servings of raw fruits and vegetables each day? If the answer to any of these is yes, then  the benefits of Juice Plus+ are extremely important for you and your family.

For many years now the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and every other national health association has emphasized the importance of eating at least five servings of raw fruits and vegetables every day.

The health benefits of this are numerous, including:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Healthier skin
  • Healthier gums
  • Protection against heart disease
  • Slows down the effects of aging
  • Reduction of inflammation

These benefits are not only due to the individual vitamins and minerals we all know about, but also from the thousands of other enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber contained within the raw fruits and vegetables. There are many more potential benefits of these nutrients such as improved intellectual function, better eyesight, and increased energy level. In short, our bodies simply function more efficiently.

How many people actually eat 7-13 servings of raw fruits and vegetables every day? Some Americans may eat an orange with breakfast and maybe an apple with lunch and finish one or two cooked vegetables at dinnertime. However, many fall short of the quantity of fruits and vegetables that are recommended.

Here are some FAQs about the Juice Plus+:

What is Juice Plus+?

Juice Plus+ is more than extra vitamins and minerals. It is actually a whole food based supplement. The fruit capsules are made from apples, oranges, pineapples, cranberries, peaches, cherries, papayas. The vegetable capsules are made from carrots, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, oat bran, rice bran, spinach, and tomatoes. There is also a “berry blend” made from 25 fruits, vegetables, grains and berries including concord grapes.

How is Juice Plus+ made?

The fresh fruits and vegetables are juiced and then dehydrated to a powder form. It’s carefully tested to ensure no pesticides or other contaminants are present in the product. It is never exposed to high temperatures that would destroy the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables. When re-hydrated with water, the nutrients are absorbed into our bodies as if we had gotten them directly from the fruits and vegetables themselves.

Is Juice Plus+ as good as eating fruits and vegetables?

There’s no complete substitute for eating the real thing. But how many people actually eat such a wide variety of raw fruits, vegetables and grains every single day? Juice Plus+ is a convenient way to ensure you and your family receives all the benefits over time from adding more nutrition from fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

But my child already takes a multi-vitamin. Why does she need Juice Plus+?

Juice Plus+ is not a vitamin supplement which contains, at best, only a small number of pre-selected antioxidants. It is a whole food based supplement containing nutrition from the thousands of antioxidants and other nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Some children may need vitamin supplementation, but every child needs Juice Plus+.

Is there any scientific proof that Juice Plus+ really works?

To my knowledge, no other nutritional product in history has been subjected to as rigorous scientific investigations as Juice Plus+, which has been investigated by scores of scientists at leading hospitals and universities all over the world. The results of more than 25 such studies have already been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals – and numerous other studies are currently underway. The published studies indicate that Juice Plus+ delivers   many beneficial health results from clinical research.

This all may sound complicated, but the simple truth is that Juice Plus+ is the best way to get your entire family to reap more of the healthful benefits of a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus+ comes in capsules for adults or children and even tasty chewable tablets: adults or children. Try Juice Plus+ today!

Dr. Sears, or Dr. Bill as his “little patients” call him, has been advising busy parents on how to raise healthier families for over 40 years. He received his medical training at Harvard Medical School’s Children’s Hospital in Boston and The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, the world’s largest children’s hospital, where he was associate ward chief of the newborn intensive care unit before serving as the chief of pediatrics at Toronto Western Hospital, a teaching hospital of the University of Toronto. He has served as a professor of pediatrics at the University of Toronto, University of South Carolina, University of Southern California School of Medicine, and University of California: Irvine. As a father of 8 children, he coached Little League sports for 20 years, and together with his wife Martha has written more than 40 best-selling books and countless articles on nutrition, parenting, and healthy aging. He serves as a health consultant for magazines, TV, radio and other media, and his website is one of the most popular health and parenting sites. Dr. Sears has appeared on over 100 television programs, including 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, Today, The View, and Dr. Phil, and was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine in May 2012. He is noted for his science-made-simple-and-fun approach to family health.

Each carton contains a 4-month supply of

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