Weightloss program

Weightloss program

but a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle

That is what we all want, right? In 16 weeks you will learn to make healthy choices that are good for your body, so you will feel good, have lots of energy, sleep well and loose these pounds.



We use our Healthy Lifestyle Plan programm (made by a nutrition specialist) and you will learn exactly what to eat and what no eat.

The first week you will start with a detoxweek. All toxic will be removed out of your body so your body will be in optimal condition for the next step of the Healthy Lifestyle Programm.

Detox your body is healthy. It is no week of only juices. It is natural and healthy food, pure food without additional ingredients, like no coffee and no dairy products of cows. Back to Basic. You will notice that if you finished your detoxweek, you will feel healthier and maybe lost a few pounds already. This is a good start to start with the program. Also people who don’t loose weight anymore for a long time, it is best to do this detox week!




The basics of each Healthy Lifestyle Plan programm is healthy food. We do this with the help of the E-book which contains a complete nutrition plan with alle the food you can and can not eat during the program.

This has not have to be complicated. These are easy to made recipes. These recipes are easy with little and cheap ingredients.

We also use the Premium Capsules, who give your metabolism a boost!!

They contain 30 sorts of vegetables,fruits and berries, so they will give your body also a healthy boost!!

These capsules, which also are 100% natural, will strengthen your immunesystem  and can give advantages with high bloodpressure, too high cholesterol, asthma, bronchitis, low resistance and/or fibromyalgy.
They contain the most important nutrients of 10 different sorts of biologic made fruit and 8 sorts of vegetables and 9 sorts of berries, where the water, sugar and salt is removed.
What remains is pure concentrated fruits and vegetables.
Because the capsules exist of 30 sorts of vegetables, fruits and berries they can have a very positive influence of the above mentioned problems.
– apples, carrots, spinach, blackberries, raspberries lower your cholesterol.
– orange, dates, garlic are also effective with asthma/bronchitis.
– parsley lowers the blood pressure and strengtens the immune system.
– red and black currants improves the skin.

More background info about the producer you can find here



When you reached your target weight, you still can use the shake as your healthy breakfast and you can cheat so now and then with your food to stay at your desired weight.
A yoyo effect you only get when you eat too much candy and food full of calories and when you eat not that much to reach your target weight. A yoyo effect does not arisen by stop with drinking shakes. A yoyo effect exists by eating food with too much sugar and too much calories or by eating not that much and afterwards eat normal proportions again when you have reached your target weight. You will gain weight when the amount of food also overrises the energy your body needs. So with other words: when you eat too much and too much sugar.
What you can do best is eat healthy in the week and in the weekend take something you really love. And it’s not so important that this can contains a bit suger. When you eat healthy all the other days of the week, you can stay at your desired weight and will not gain weight.
During the months of the program you have learned to develop a healthy eating pattern, so it will be no problem to keep this healthy pattern. I will help you during your program and will also be there for you afterwards!

The inspiration for the meals you will get from us. We have many complete menu’s for the whole week you can follow. But you can also make your own weekmenu using the many recipes in the E-book.

At lunch you will eat a healthy meal with lots of vegetables, low fat meat, low fat chicken or fish. Our Healthy Lifestyle Programs will provide your body with full of nutrients, anti-oxidants, fibres and fytonutrients. The nutrients will give your body a feeling that you don’t get hungry so fast. When you in the first weeks are hungy, eat only raw vegetables or fruit and drink lots of water to saturate that feeling. Nutrients improves also the combustion of fat, your metabolism, especially when you train besides your diet.




  • E-book with nutrition plan!
  • Permanent access to the closed motivated supportgroup
  • Detoxplan
  • Nutrition plan
  • Weekmenu’s
  • Lots of healthy recipes
  • Nutrition dairy
  • Workouts for at home
  • Online coaching (if desired)



Disclaimer: results are personal and there is no guarantee you will get the same results in the same amount of time



                     – Healthy Fit Guide –

You will receive a Healthy Fit guide with your shakes so you know exactly what to eat when you want to loose weight.





START now!!













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